My List of JetBrains PlugIn essentials

I happen to use JetBrains’ IDEs alot (almost exclusively) and for all kinds of development. And that, of course, means I also come across all kinds of plugins, which there are a few of I happen to have installed in all of the IDEs.

Elixir: Writing an IRC Server (Part 1)

I already played around with Elixir in order to implement an IRC server. Actually I restructured the application twice to make it work, but still it’s far from beeing useful. So once again I am getting back to the drawing board in an attempt to get it right. This time, though, I blog about what I did or am about to do.

Elixir: Writing an IRC Server (Part 0)

I love functional programming, unfortunately though I seldom have the luxury of being able to write in pure functional language like Clojure and/or Elixir. So in order to delve deeper into Elixir and the OTP framework I decided to write an IRC server and kind of document the process so that others might benefit from it. But be warned, I most likely will follow the wrong routes along the way, as I am in no way an expert in either Elixir or functional programming in general. And I won’t guarantee that the project will ever be finished.

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